Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

India has become a thriving hub for technology and innovation, with the HR tech sector witnessing significant growth. As companies seek to streamline their human resource processes and improve efficiency, numerous HR software startups have emerged, offering diverse and advanced solutions. Here are the top 10 HR software startups in India that are making a substantial impact in the industry.

1. Darwinbox

Founder(s)Chaitanya Peddi, Rohit Chennamaneni, Jayant Paleti
LocationHyderabad, India
Additional InfoDarwinbox offers a cloud-based HR management software encompassing recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and payroll. It serves over 500 enterprises across various industries.

Darwinbox – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: Darwinbox, founded in 2015, has emerged as a leading HR tech startup in India, offering a cloud-based HR management software that spans the entire employee lifecycle. The platform integrates various HR functions such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management, and payroll into a unified system.

Innovations: Darwinbox has innovated by incorporating advanced analytics and AI-driven insights to help organizations make data-driven HR decisions. Their platform supports mobile applications, making it accessible for employees and HR managers alike. They also focus on continuous updates and user feedback to enhance their features regularly.

Impact: Darwinbox has made a significant impact by catering to over 500 enterprises across industries like BFSI, IT, and retail. Their platform’s scalability and customization options have helped organizations of varying sizes streamline their HR processes efficiently. Darwinbox’s emphasis on user experience and comprehensive feature set has garnered widespread adoption among large corporations and mid-sized businesses alike.

2. Keka

Founder(s)Vijay Bhaskar Reddy
LocationHyderabad, India
Additional InfoKeka specializes in modern HR and payroll software designed to simplify workforce management for businesses. It offers features from payroll processing to employee engagement tools.

Keka – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: Established in 2016, Keka specializes in modern HR and payroll software designed to simplify workforce management for businesses. The platform offers a range of features from payroll processing to employee engagement tools.

Innovations: Keka has innovated by integrating artificial intelligence to automate repetitive HR tasks such as payroll calculations and compliance management. They provide customizable workflows and extensive reporting capabilities that help organizations analyze HR metrics effectively. Keka’s user interface is intuitive, enhancing user experience across various devices.

Impact: With a client base exceeding 3000 companies, Keka has made a substantial impact on how businesses manage their HR operations. Their emphasis on compliance and payroll accuracy has been particularly beneficial for industries with stringent regulatory requirements. Keka continues to grow by offering scalable solutions that cater to the needs of startups as well as established enterprises.

3. Zoho People

Founder(s)Sridhar Vembu, Tony Thomas
LocationChennai, India
Additional InfoZoho People is part of the Zoho suite and offers a comprehensive HR software solution with features for employee management, time tracking, performance reviews, and more.

Zoho People – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: Zoho People, part of the renowned Zoho suite of products, offers a comprehensive HR software solution that addresses various aspects of human resource management.

Innovations: Zoho People stands out with its seamless integration capabilities with other Zoho applications, creating a unified ecosystem for businesses. They continuously innovate by adding new features such as AI-driven insights for recruitment and performance management. Their platform supports extensive customization, allowing businesses to tailor workflows to their specific requirements.

Impact: Trusted by thousands of businesses globally, Zoho People has had a profound impact on simplifying HR operations. Their affordable pricing model and scalable solutions have made them accessible to startups and SMBs as well as large enterprises. Zoho People’s emphasis on data security and compliance ensures that businesses can manage HR processes with confidence.

4. Freshteam

Founder(s)Girish Mathrubootham
LocationChennai, India
Additional InfoFreshteam, by Freshworks, provides intuitive HR software focused on recruitment and onboarding processes, including ATS, employee onboarding, and time off management.

Freshteam – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: Freshteam, a product by Freshworks, is designed to streamline recruitment and onboarding processes for organizations of all sizes.

Innovations: Freshteam has innovated with its intuitive applicant tracking system (ATS) that helps HR teams source, interview, and hire candidates efficiently. They offer collaborative tools for team feedback on candidates and customizable hiring pipelines. Freshteam also integrates with other Freshworks products for enhanced functionality.

Impact: With a growing customer base that includes prominent names like PharmEasy and Chargebee, Freshteam has transformed how businesses approach recruitment. Their platform’s user-friendly interface and robust support have improved hiring outcomes and reduced time-to-hire for organizations across industries. Freshteam continues to innovate by adding new features to address evolving HR challenges.

5. ZingHR

Founder(s)Prasad Rajappan
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoZingHR leverages AI and machine learning for a comprehensive HR solution covering digital onboarding, payroll, compliance, and employee engagement. It serves over 700 enterprises globally.

ZingHR – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: ZingHR leverages advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning to provide a comprehensive HR solution aimed at enhancing productivity and driving business outcomes.

Innovations: ZingHR stands out with its AI-powered predictive analytics that offer insights into employee performance and engagement. They provide a mobile-first approach, ensuring accessibility for remote and field employees. ZingHR also offers modular solutions that can be customized based on the organization’s needs.

Impact: Serving over 700 enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, ZingHR has had a significant impact on optimizing HR operations. Their emphasis on automation and analytics has helped organizations make informed decisions and improve workforce efficiency. ZingHR’s commitment to innovation positions them as a leader in the HR tech space, driving digital transformation for businesses.

6. Qandle

Founder(s)Vikram Kohli, Sarfaraz Khurshid
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoQandle offers a flexible HR software solution with modules for payroll, attendance, recruitment, and more, catering to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Qandle – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: Qandle offers a flexible HR software solution tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), focusing on simplifying HR processes and enhancing employee engagement.

Innovations: Qandle innovates with its modular approach that allows businesses to choose specific HR modules as per their requirements. They offer a user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards and self-service portals for employees. Qandle also integrates seamlessly with third-party applications for enhanced functionality.

Impact: With over 400 clients, Qandle has made a notable impact by providing scalable HR solutions that grow with businesses. Their emphasis on affordability and ease of use has made them a preferred choice for startups and SMEs looking to streamline HR operations. Qandle continues to innovate by adding new features that address the evolving needs of modern workplaces.

7. HRMantra

Founder(s)Apurva Shah
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoHRMantra specializes in HR and payroll management systems, offering extensive customization, mobile apps, and advanced analytics for over two decades.

HRMantra – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: HRMantra is an established player in the HR software industry, offering advanced HR and payroll management systems designed to automate complex processes.

Innovations: HRMantra innovates with its robust analytics and reporting capabilities that provide actionable insights into workforce trends and performance metrics. They offer modular solutions with extensive customization options to suit diverse industry requirements. HRMantra also provides mobile apps for employee self-service and manager approvals.

Impact: With over two decades of experience, HRMantra has built a strong reputation for reliability and scalability. Their solutions cater to large enterprises across sectors such as manufacturing, IT, and healthcare. HRMantra’s focus on compliance and payroll accuracy has helped organizations streamline HR operations and improve overall efficiency.

8. GreytHR

Founder(s)Girish Rowjee
LocationBengaluru, India
Additional InfoGreytHR provides comprehensive HR and payroll solutions with features like payroll processing, attendance management, and employee self-service, serving over 9000 clients.

GreytHR – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: GreytHR, established in 1994, is one of India’s oldest HR software providers, offering a comprehensive platform for managing HR and payroll functions.

Innovations: GreytHR has innovated with its robust payroll processing and statutory compliance features, ensuring accuracy and adherence to legal requirements. They offer a user-friendly interface with real-time dashboards for HR analytics and insights. GreytHR also provides employee self-service portals and mobile apps for enhanced accessibility.

Impact: With over 9000 clients, GreytHR has had a profound impact on simplifying HR processes for businesses of all sizes. Their expertise in payroll management and compliance has made them a trusted partner for industries dealing with complex regulatory frameworks. GreytHR continues to innovate by integrating AI and machine learning to enhance their platform’s capabilities.

9. PeopleStrong

Founder(s)Pankaj Bansal, Shelly Singh
LocationGurugram, India
Additional InfoPeopleStrong offers an AI-powered HR platform covering recruitment, workforce management, payroll, and learning & development for over 250 enterprises globally.

PeopleStrong – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: PeopleStrong is a prominent HR tech company offering an AI-powered HR platform that covers the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement.

Innovations: PeopleStrong innovates with its AI-driven recruitment tools that streamline candidate sourcing and selection processes. They offer predictive analytics for workforce planning and talent management. PeopleStrong’s platform supports mobile applications for employee engagement and performance tracking.

Impact: Serving over 250 enterprises across 14 countries, PeopleStrong has made a significant impact on HR transformation globally. Their focus on AI and machine learning has helped organizations optimize HR processes and improve employee productivity. PeopleStrong continues to innovate by expanding their platform’s capabilities to meet the evolving demands of the digital workplace.

10. SumHR

Founder(s)Jay Thaker, Sanjay Darji
LocationMumbai, India
Additional InfoSumHR provides cloud-based HR management software tailored for startups and SMEs, offering features like payroll, attendance, and performance management.

SumHR – Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

Overview: SumHR provides cloud-based HR management software designed to simplify HR operations for startups and SMEs.

Innovations: SumHR innovates with its intuitive interface and affordable pricing model, making it accessible for small businesses. They offer modules for payroll processing, attendance management, and performance tracking. SumHR supports integration with third-party applications to enhance functionality.

Impact: SumHR has gained traction among startups and SMEs looking for cost-effective HR solutions that do not compromise on features. Their emphasis on user experience and scalability has helped businesses manage HR processes efficiently as they scale. SumHR continues to innovate by adding new features that address the unique challenges faced by small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Top 10 HR Software Startups in India

1. What are HR software startups?

HR software startups are emerging companies that develop innovative solutions to streamline human resource management processes. They typically offer cloud-based platforms that integrate various HR functions such as recruitment, payroll, performance management, and employee engagement.

2. Why are HR software startups gaining popularity in India?

HR software startups in India are gaining popularity due to the increasing demand for digital transformation in HR practices. Businesses are looking for efficient ways to manage their workforce remotely, improve employee engagement, and comply with regulatory requirements, which these startups address with their advanced technology solutions.

3. What are the benefits of using HR software from startups?

Using HR software from startups offers several benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Many startups offer affordable pricing compared to traditional HR software providers.
  • Innovation: Startups often integrate the latest technologies like AI and machine learning to provide predictive analytics and automation.
  • Customization: HR software startups often offer flexible and customizable solutions that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of different organizations.

4. How do HR software startups differ from established HR software providers?HR software startups often differentiate themselves from established providers by:

  • Innovation: They are more agile and quick to adopt new technologies, offering cutting-edge features.
  • Focus on SMEs: Many startups target small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with scalable solutions that fit their budget and operational needs.
  • Customer-centric approach: Startups typically provide personalized customer support and actively seek feedback to improve their products.

5. What should businesses consider when choosing an HR software startup?When choosing an HR software startup, businesses should consider:

  • Features and functionality: Ensure the software meets specific HR needs like payroll processing, recruitment, performance management, etc.
  • Scalability: Verify if the software can grow with the business as its workforce expands.
  • Integration capabilities: Check if the software can integrate with existing systems like accounting software or CRM.
  • Security and compliance: Ensure the software complies with data protection regulations and offers robust security measures.

6. How can HR software startups contribute to digital transformation in Indian businesses?HR software startups contribute to digital transformation by:

  • Automating processes: Streamlining time-consuming HR tasks such as payroll processing and leave management.
  • Enhancing decision-making: Providing data-driven insights into workforce trends and performance metrics.
  • Improving employee experience: Offering self-service portals, mobile applications, and tools for remote work, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

7. Are HR software startups suitable for all industries?

Yes, HR software startups cater to a wide range of industries including IT, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and more. Their customizable solutions can be adapted to meet the specific needs and regulatory requirements of different sectors.

8. How can businesses ensure successful implementation of HR software from startups?

To ensure successful implementation of HR software from startups, businesses should:

  • Plan ahead: Define clear objectives and expectations for the software implementation.
  • Train users: Provide comprehensive training to HR staff and employees to maximize adoption and usage.
  • Monitor and evaluate: Regularly assess the software’s performance and gather feedback to make necessary adjustments.
  • Stay updated: Keep up with software updates and new features released by the startup to leverage its full potential.

9. What are some challenges businesses might face when adopting HR software from startups?

Challenges businesses might face include:

  • Integration issues: Ensuring smooth integration with existing systems and platforms.
  • Data migration: Transferring existing HR data to the new software securely and accurately.
  • User adoption: Overcoming resistance to change and ensuring that employees embrace the new software.

10. How can businesses measure the ROI of HR software from startups?Businesses can measure the ROI of HR software from startups by:

  • Tracking efficiency gains: Monitoring time saved on HR tasks and reduction in manual errors.
  • Improvement in productivity: Measuring employee productivity and engagement levels.
  • Cost savings: Calculating cost reductions in HR operations and compliance management.


These top 10 HR software startups in India exemplify innovation and excellence in the HR tech industry. From AI-powered analytics to intuitive user interfaces, these startups are transforming how businesses manage their human resources. As they continue to evolve and expand their capabilities, they are poised to shape the future of HR management in India and beyond. Whether catering to large enterprises or small businesses, these startups are driving digital transformation and enhancing workplace efficiency through advanced technology and user-centric solutions.

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