Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India


FoundersSaket Modi, Vidit Baxi, Rahul Tyagi
HeadquartersNew Delhi
FocusEnterprise cybersecurity solutions
Key ProductsSAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises)
Unique Selling PointReal-time risk management and security assessment

Lucideus-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Saket Modi, Vidit Baxi, Rahul Tyagi
Founded: 2012
Headquarters: New Delhi
Focus: Lucideus provides enterprise cybersecurity solutions with an emphasis on real-time risk management and security assessment. Their flagship product, SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprises), helps organizations measure and mitigate cyber risks dynamically. Lucideus has garnered attention for its innovative approach to cybersecurity, leveraging data analytics and machine learning.


FoundersAnand Naik, Pankit Desai
FocusEnd-to-end cybersecurity solutions
Key ProductsEDPR (Endpoint Detection, Protection, and Response), MDR (Managed Detection and Response)
Unique Selling PointComprehensive threat detection and response capabilities

Sequretek-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Anand Naik, Pankit Desai
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Mumbai
Focus: Sequretek offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including managed security services, endpoint security, and security operations center (SOC) services. Their flagship products, EDPR (Endpoint Detection, Protection, and Response) and MDR (Managed Detection and Response), provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

3.Innefu Labs

FoundersAbhishek Sharma, Tarun Wig
HeadquartersNew Delhi
FocusAI-based cybersecurity solutions
Key ProductsAuthShield
Unique Selling PointMulti-factor authentication and biometric verification

Innefu-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Abhishek Sharma, Tarun Wig
Founded: 2011
Headquarters: New Delhi
Focus: Innefu Labs specializes in AI-based cybersecurity solutions, offering products like AuthShield, which integrates multi-factor authentication and biometric verification. Their focus on identity governance and access management ensures robust protection against identity theft and unauthorized access.

4.Smokescreen Technologies

FoundersSahir Hidayatullah, Rony Roy
FocusDeception-based cybersecurity solutions
Key ProductsIllusionBLACK
Unique Selling PointProactive defense through deception technology

Smokescreen-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Sahir Hidayatullah, Rony Roy
Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Mumbai
Focus: Smokescreen Technologies employs deception technology to detect and respond to advanced cyber threats. Their platform, IllusionBLACK, creates a deceptive environment to mislead attackers and detect breaches early, thereby providing a proactive defense mechanism against sophisticated cyber attacks.


FoundersSantosh S, Subhalakshmi S
FocusSecurity consulting, compliance, and managed security services
Key ProductsGRC solutions
Unique Selling PointComprehensive governance, risk, and compliance solutions

Secureeye-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Santosh S, Subhalakshmi S
Founded: 2006
Headquarters: Bengaluru
Focus: SecurEyes offers security consulting, compliance, and managed security services. They specialize in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions, helping organizations adhere to regulatory standards while securing their digital infrastructure.


FoundersKarmesh Gupta, Praveen Gupta
FocusUnified network security gateway solutions
Key ProductsFirewall, VPN, Wi-Fi management
Unique Selling PointSimplified network security management

Wijungle-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Karmesh Gupta, Praveen Gupta
Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Jaipur
Focus: WiJungle provides a unified network security gateway, combining firewall, VPN, and Wi-Fi management into a single platform. Their solutions are designed to simplify network security management while ensuring comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

7.Kratikal Tech

FoundersPavan Kushwaha, Ankit Singh, Nishant Sharma
FocusSecurity testing, phishing simulation, cybersecurity training
Key ProductsThreatCop, KDMARC
Unique Selling PointComprehensive security testing and phishing simulation

Kratikal-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Pavan Kushwaha, Ankit Singh, Nishant Sharma
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Noida
Focus: Kratikal Tech focuses on security testing, phishing simulation, and cybersecurity training. Their products, such as ThreatCop and KDMARC, help organizations identify vulnerabilities, simulate phishing attacks, and secure their email domains.


FoundersAnshul Saxena, Ankit Singh
FocusDDoS mitigation, web application firewall, threat intelligence
Key ProductsHaltdos Platform
Unique Selling PointComprehensive protection against DDoS and web application attacks

Haltdos-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Anshul Saxena, Ankit Singh
Founded: 2015
Headquarters: Noida
Focus: Haltdos offers DDoS mitigation, web application firewall (WAF), and threat intelligence solutions. Their platform protects against volumetric and application-layer attacks, ensuring the availability and security of online services.

9.Aujas Networks

FoundersSrinivas Rao, Sameer Shelke, Navin Kotian
FocusInformation risk management, identity management, threat management services
Key ProductsSecurity assessments, SOC services, identity governance
Unique Selling PointEffective management and mitigation of cyber risks

Aujas-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Srinivas Rao, Sameer Shelke, Navin Kotian
Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Bengaluru
Focus: Aujas Networks provides information risk management, identity management, and threat management services. They offer a range of cybersecurity solutions, including security assessments, SOC services, and identity governance, helping organizations manage and mitigate cyber risks effectively.

10.Shieldsquare (now part of Radware)

FoundersPavan Thatha, Ramdas R, Raju V
FocusBot mitigation, API security, fraud prevention
Key ProductsShieldsquare Platform
Unique Selling PointAdvanced protection against bots and automated attacks

Shieldsquare-Top 10 Cyber Defense Startups in India

Founders: Pavan Thatha, Ramdas R, Raju V
Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Bengaluru
Focus: Shieldsquare specializes in bot mitigation, API security, and fraud prevention. Their solutions protect online applications from malicious bots and automated attacks, ensuring the integrity and availability of web services. After its acquisition by Radware, Shieldsquare continues to innovate in the field of application security.

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