Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

Top 10 RegTech Startups in India


Key TechnologiesAI, Blockchain
Major SolutionsAI-powered smart contracts, digital onboarding, fraud detection
Notable ClientsReliance, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra
Funding & Recognition$5.4M Series A from Arkam Ventures and Mastercard

Signzy-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Signzy is a digital trust system provider that offers AI-powered identity verification and authentication solutions. Their platform helps financial institutions automate compliance processes, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experience.
  • Key Features: They use AI and blockchain to streamline KYC (Know Your Customer) processes, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks, and digital contract management.
  • Market: Primarily serves the financial services industry, including banks, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), and fintech startups.
  • Impact: Signzy’s technology aims to improve efficiency and security in financial transactions by minimizing fraud and human error.

Founded in 2015, Signzy leverages AI and blockchain to simplify regulatory processes, offering solutions like AI-powered smart contracts and digital onboarding with advanced biometric authentication.


Key TechnologiesAI, ML, Big Data
Major SolutionsAML, Fraud Detection, Transaction Monitoring
Notable ClientsMultiple financial institutions
Funding & Recognition$11.7M additional funding in 2020

Tookitaki-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Tookitaki provides enterprise software solutions for regulatory compliance and risk management, focusing on financial crime detection and prevention.
  • Key Features: Utilizes machine learning and big data analytics to identify anomalies and suspicious activities within financial transactions.
  • Market: Targets banks, financial institutions, and fintech companies globally, helping them comply with regulations and mitigate financial risks.
  • Impact: Helps in reducing compliance costs, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the overall regulatory compliance posture of organizations.

Known for its AI-driven compliance solutions, Tookitaki provides advanced AML and fraud detection tools, helping financial institutions stay compliant with evolving regulations.

3.Primechain Technologies:

Key TechnologiesBlockchain
Major SolutionsReal-time auditing, data verification, KYC, AML
Notable ClientsVarious industries
Funding & RecognitionRecognized with industry awards

Primechain Technologies-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Primechain Technologies is a blockchain company specializing in developing solutions for the banking and financial services sector.
  • Key Features: Provides blockchain-based solutions for KYC, cross-border payments, trade finance, and supply chain management.
  • Market: Targets financial institutions looking to leverage blockchain technology for improving transparency, security, and efficiency in transactions.
  • Impact: Aims to revolutionize traditional financial processes by integrating blockchain to reduce fraud, enhance trust, and streamline operations.

Specializing in blockchain solutions, Primechain offers secure and transparent regulatory processes, including real-time auditing and AML solutions.


Key TechnologiesAI, ML
Major SolutionsReal-time behavioral analytics, AML, Fraud Detection
Notable ClientsMultiple banks and financial institutions
Funding & RecognitionVarious recognitions for their Clari5 platform

CustomerXPs-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • CustomerXPs offers real-time, AI-powered fraud prevention and customer experience management solutions for the banking industry.
  • Key Features: Uses AI and machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time across various banking channels.
  • Market: Serves banks and financial institutions globally, helping them safeguard customer transactions and improve operational efficiencies.
  • Impact: Enhances customer trust, reduces financial losses due to fraud, and improves overall operational effectiveness through proactive fraud detection.

Their Clari5 platform provides real-time fraud detection and AML solutions using AI-powered behavioral analytics, catering to banks and financial institutions.


Key TechnologiesAnalytics
Major SolutionsTransaction monitoring, fraud detection, compliance violations
Notable ClientsMax Life Insurance, RBL Bank, Karur Vysya Bank
Funding & Recognition$2M Series A funding in 2018

IntelleWings-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Intellewings is a technology company specializing in AI-driven solutions for customer engagement and operational efficiency in the financial sector.
  • Key Features: Provides AI chatbots, analytics platforms, and automation tools to enhance customer service, sales, and marketing operations.
  • Market: Targets banks, insurance companies, and other financial services providers seeking to leverage AI to improve customer interactions and business outcomes.
  • Impact: Aims to transform how financial institutions interact with customers, reduce costs, and drive revenue growth through intelligent automation and analytics.

This startup offers an analytics platform for transaction monitoring and fraud detection, used by various banks and insurance companies.


Key TechnologiesFintech solutions
Major SolutionsSecure and compliant financial operations
Notable ClientsMultiple small to large businesses
Funding & RecognitionSignificant funding from multiple rounds

Razorpay-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Razorpay is a leading fintech company in India that provides payment solutions to businesses.
  • Key Features: Offers payment gateway services, payment links, recurring payments, and invoice management for businesses of all sizes.
  • Market: Primarily serves businesses in India across various sectors, helping them accept online payments seamlessly.
  • Impact: Facilitates digital payments, improves cash flow for businesses, and supports India’s growing digital economy by enabling frictionless transactions.

While primarily known as a fintech company, Razorpay has made significant contributions to the RegTech space by offering secure and compliant financial operations.


Key TechnologiesRegTech, Cloud
Major SolutionsReal-time regulatory change management, compliance task tracking
Notable ClientsWipro, Infosys, TCS
Funding & RecognitionUndisclosed amount from Blume Ventures in 2017

Gieom-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • GIEOM offers digital transformation solutions focused on process optimization and compliance automation for banks and financial institutions.
  • Key Features: Provides tools for process modeling, compliance tracking, and risk management to improve operational efficiency and regulatory adherence.
  • Market: Targets financial institutions globally, helping them navigate regulatory complexities and enhance operational resilience through technology.
  • Impact: Aims to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards, thereby improving overall organizational agility and performance.

Providing real-time regulatory change management and compliance task tracking, Gieom helps businesses stay updated with regulatory changes and streamline compliance processes.


Key TechnologiesDigital document management, e-signatures
Major SolutionsDigital documentation, e-signatures, compliance automation
Notable ClientsVarious businesses across industries
Funding & RecognitionNot specified

SignDesk-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • SignDesk provides electronic signature and document management solutions that are legally compliant and secure.
  • Key Features: Offers eSignatures, document workflow automation, and secure storage to streamline document signing processes.
  • Market: Serves businesses across various industries, including banking, insurance, real estate, and legal sectors, requiring secure and efficient document handling.
  • Impact: Enables organizations to digitize paperwork, reduce turnaround times, and enhance document security and compliance with legal standards.

Founded by Mr. Krupesh Bhat, SignDesk focuses on digital document management and e-signatures, helping businesses automate compliance and regulatory documentation.


Key TechnologiesAI-driven product suite
Major SolutionsClient onboarding, transaction tracking, risk management
Notable ClientsAcquired by AppOrchid, serving multiple industries
Funding & RecognitionAcquired by US regtech player AppOrchid in 2019

AnnieTech-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • AnnieTech specializes in AI-driven solutions for customer service and operational efficiency in the financial services industry.
  • Key Features: Provides virtual assistants, chatbots, and predictive analytics tools to improve customer interactions and streamline internal processes.
  • Market: Targets banks, fintech companies, and insurance providers globally, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness through AI.
  • Impact: Helps in reducing customer service costs, increasing customer engagement, and driving operational efficiencies through AI automation and predictive insights.

This startup, acquired by US-based AppOrchid, offers AI-driven solutions for client onboarding, transaction tracking, and risk management.


Key TechnologiesMachine Learning, Analytics
Major SolutionsFraud detection, risk management, compliance automation
Notable ClientsVarious financial institutions
Funding & RecognitionRecognized in the industry for innovation in fraud detection

Simility-Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

  • Simility offers fraud detection and prevention solutions powered by machine learning and behavioral analytics.
  • Key Features: Provides real-time fraud detection, transaction monitoring, and identity verification services for financial institutions and online businesses.
  • Market: Serves e-commerce companies, payment processors, and financial services providers globally, helping them combat fraud and minimize losses.
  • Impact: Enhances security measures, reduces fraud-related risks, and improves trust among customers by deploying advanced fraud prevention technologies.

Specializing in fraud detection and risk management, Simility uses machine learning to help businesses identify and mitigate fraud in real-time.

FAQs and answers for Top 10 RegTech Startups in India


Q: When was Signzy founded?
A: Signzy was founded in 2015.

Q: What technologies does Signzy use?
A: Signzy leverages AI and blockchain technologies.

Q: What are some of Signzy’s major solutions?
A: Signzy offers AI-powered smart contracts, digital onboarding, and fraud detection.

Q: Who are some of Signzy’s notable clients?
A: Notable clients include Reliance, HDFC, and Kotak Mahindra.

Q: How much funding has Signzy raised?
A: Signzy raised $5.4 million in Series A funding from Arkam Ventures and Mastercard.


Q: When was Tookitaki founded?
A: Tookitaki was founded in 2014.

Q: What key technologies does Tookitaki employ?
A: Tookitaki uses AI, machine learning, and big data.

Q: What are Tookitaki’s major solutions?
A: Major solutions include AML (Anti-Money Laundering), fraud detection, and transaction monitoring.

Q: Who are Tookitaki’s clients?
A: Tookitaki serves multiple financial institutions.

Q: What funding has Tookitaki received?
A: Tookitaki received $11.7 million in additional funding in 2020.

Primechain Technologies

Q: When was Primechain Technologies founded?
A: Primechain Technologies was founded in 2015.

Q: What technologies does Primechain Technologies use?
A: Primechain Technologies specializes in blockchain.

Q: What solutions does Primechain Technologies provide?
A: They provide real-time auditing, data verification, KYC (Know Your Customer), and AML solutions.

Q: Who are Primechain Technologies’ clients?
A: They serve various industries.

Q: Has Primechain Technologies received any recognition?
A: Yes, they have been recognized with industry awards.


Q: When was CustomerXPs founded?
A: CustomerXPs was founded in 2006.

Q: What key technologies does CustomerXPs use?
A: They use AI and machine learning.

Q: What are the major solutions provided by CustomerXPs?
A: Their solutions include real-time behavioral analytics, AML, and fraud detection.

Q: Who are CustomerXPs’ clients?
A: They serve multiple banks and financial institutions.

Q: Has CustomerXPs received any funding or recognition?
A: Yes, their Clari5 platform has received various recognitions.


Q: When was IntelleWings founded?
A: IntelleWings was founded in 2015.

Q: What key technologies does IntelleWings use?
A: They use analytics.

Q: What are IntelleWings’ major solutions?
A: Major solutions include transaction monitoring, fraud detection, and compliance violations detection.

Q: Who are IntelleWings’ clients?
A: Notable clients include Max Life Insurance, RBL Bank, and Karur Vysya Bank.

Q: How much funding has IntelleWings raised?
A: They raised $2 million in Series A funding in 2018.


Q: When was Razorpay founded?
A: Razorpay was founded in 2014.

Q: What technologies does Razorpay use?
A: They use various fintech solutions.

Q: What are Razorpay’s major solutions?
A: They offer secure and compliant financial operations.

Q: Who are Razorpay’s clients?
A: They serve multiple small to large businesses.

Q: What funding has Razorpay received?
A: Razorpay has received significant funding from multiple rounds.


Q: When was Gieom founded?
A: Gieom was founded in 2012.

Q: What technologies does Gieom use?
A: They use cloud-based RegTech solutions.

Q: What solutions does Gieom provide?
A: They provide real-time regulatory change management and compliance task tracking.

Q: Who are Gieom’s clients?
A: Notable clients include Wipro, Infosys, and TCS.

Q: How much funding has Gieom raised?
A: They raised an undisclosed amount from Blume Ventures in 2017.


Q: When was SignDesk founded?
A: SignDesk was founded in 2015.

Q: What technologies does SignDesk use?
A: They use digital document management and e-signatures.

Q: What are SignDesk’s major solutions?
A: Their solutions include digital documentation, e-signatures, and compliance automation.

Q: Who are SignDesk’s clients?
A: They serve various businesses across industries.

Q: Has SignDesk received any funding or recognition?
A: Specific funding details are not specified.


Q: When was AnnieTech founded?
A: AnnieTech was founded in 2014.

Q: What technologies does AnnieTech use?
A: They use AI-driven product suites.

Q: What are AnnieTech’s major solutions?
A: Their solutions include client onboarding, transaction tracking, and risk management.

Q: Who are AnnieTech’s clients?
A: They were acquired by AppOrchid and serve multiple industries.

Q: What notable event happened to AnnieTech?
A: They were acquired by US-based AppOrchid in 2019.

Q: Where can I find more information about AnnieTech?
A: More details can be found.


Q: When was Simility founded?
A: Simility was founded in 2014.

Q: What technologies does Simility use?
A: They use machine learning and analytics.

Q: What are Simility’s major solutions?
A: Their solutions include fraud detection, risk management, and compliance automation.

Q: Who are Simility’s clients?
A: They serve various financial institutions.

Q: Has Simility received any recognition?
A: Yes, they are recognized in the industry for innovation in fraud detection.

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