Top 10 Solar Companies in India

Top 10 Solar Companies in India

India, blessed with abundant sunlight, is rapidly emerging as a global leader in solar energy. As the nation strives to meet its ambitious renewable energy targets, several companies have risen to prominence, driving innovation, sustainability, and economic growth in the solar sector. Here are the top 10 solar companies in India that are making significant contributions to the country’s renewable energy landscape.

1. Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd

FounderTata Group
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India
WebsiteTata Power Solar
Core BusinessSolar PV manufacturing, EPC services, solar solutions for residential, commercial sectors
Installed CapacityOver 5 GW
Notable Projects150 MW Ayana Solar Project, 250 MW Ayodhya Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesHigh-efficiency solar cells and modules, innovative financing models

Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, a part of the Tata Group, is one of India’s oldest and largest integrated solar companies. Established in 1989, it has been a key player in driving solar adoption across various sectors.


Tata Power Solar has pioneered several innovations:

  • Cell and Module Manufacturing: It operates one of India’s largest integrated solar manufacturing units, producing high-efficiency solar cells and modules.
  • Customized Solar Solutions: Offers tailored solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, ensuring efficient energy production.
  • Innovative Financing Models: Introduced innovative financing options like leasing and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to make solar more accessible.


  • Installed Capacity: Tata Power Solar has installed over 5 GW of solar projects globally, contributing significantly to India’s renewable energy capacity.
  • Job Creation: The company has created numerous jobs in manufacturing, project development, and maintenance, boosting local economies.
  • Environmental Impact: By reducing carbon emissions through solar power, Tata Power Solar contributes to environmental sustainability.

2. Adani Solar

FounderGautam Adani
HeadquartersAhmedabad, Gujarat, India
WebsiteAdani Solar
Core BusinessSolar PV manufacturing, large-scale project development, EPC services
Installed CapacityOver 3 GW
Notable Projects648 MW Kamuthi Solar Power Project, 2 GW Pavagada Solar Park
Innovative TechnologiesVertically integrated manufacturing, advanced grid integration solutions

Adani Solar – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Adani Solar, part of the Adani Group, is renowned for its vertically integrated business model covering manufacturing, project development, and operations in the solar sector.


Adani Solar has been at the forefront of innovation:

  • Integrated Solar Manufacturing: Operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for solar PV cells and modules, ensuring high quality and cost efficiency.
  • Utility-Scale Projects: Developed some of the largest solar power projects in India, leveraging economies of scale.
  • Technology Integration: Invests in advanced technologies for solar efficiency improvement and grid integration solutions.


  • Installed Capacity: Adani Solar has an installed capacity of over 3 GW, contributing significantly to India’s renewable energy goals.
  • Economic Development: Through its projects, Adani Solar has generated employment opportunities and contributed to local economic development.
  • Technological Advancement: By investing in R&D, Adani Solar drives technological advancements in the solar industry, enhancing efficiency and reliability.

3. ReNew Power

FounderSumant Sinha
HeadquartersGurugram, Haryana, India
WebsiteReNew Power
Core BusinessSolar and wind power generation, hybrid projects, energy storage solutions
Installed CapacityOver 4 GW
Notable Projects300 MW Rajasthan Solar Project, 250 MW Gujarat Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesHybrid renewable energy projects, smart grid solutions, energy storage integration

ReNew Power – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Founded in 2011, ReNew Power is India’s largest renewable energy Independent Power Producer (IPP), focusing on wind and solar power generation.


ReNew Power has embraced innovation across its operations:

  • Hybrid Projects: Develops hybrid renewable energy projects combining solar and wind power for optimized generation.
  • Energy Storage Solutions: Investing in energy storage solutions to enhance grid stability and support renewable energy integration.
  • Smart Grid Solutions: Implements smart grid technologies for efficient energy management and distribution.


  • Installed Capacity: ReNew Power has installed over 4 GW of solar power capacity, contributing significantly to India’s renewable energy mix.
  • Sustainable Development: Through its projects, ReNew Power promotes sustainable development, reducing carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Community Initiatives: Engages in community development programs, focusing on education, healthcare, and skill development in areas surrounding its projects.

4. Azure Power

FounderInderpreet Wadhwa
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
WebsiteAzure Power
Core BusinessDevelopment, construction, and operation of solar projects, rooftop solar solutions
Installed CapacityOver 2 GW
Notable Projects100 MW Andhra Pradesh Solar Project, 150 MW Punjab Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesDigital monitoring systems, long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs)

Azure Power – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Azure Power is a leading solar power producer in India, specializing in the development, construction, and operation of solar projects.


Azure Power is known for its innovative approaches:

  • Rooftop Solar Solutions: Provides comprehensive rooftop solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, promoting distributed solar generation.
  • Long-term PPAs: Pioneered the use of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) to secure project financing and mitigate risks.
  • Digital Solutions: Implements digital monitoring and management systems to optimize solar plant performance and efficiency.


  • Installed Capacity: Azure Power has over 2 GW of installed capacity, contributing significantly to India’s solar energy generation.
  • Energy Access: Through rooftop solar installations, Azure Power enhances energy access for rural and urban communities, reducing dependency on centralized power grids.
  • Environmental Benefits: By displacing fossil fuel-based electricity generation, Azure Power plays a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change.

5. Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd

FounderShapoorji Pallonji Group
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
WebsiteSterling and Wilson Solar
Core BusinessEPC solutions for solar projects, O&M services
Installed CapacityOver 9 GW globally
Notable Projects1,177 MW Abu Dhabi Solar Project, 500 MW Noor Abu Dhabi Project
Innovative TechnologiesFloating solar projects, advanced EPC methodologies

Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd, a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, is a global EPC solutions provider in the solar energy sector.


Sterling and Wilson Solar has been innovative in several areas:

  • Global Footprint: Extensive experience in executing large-scale solar projects globally, with a presence in multiple countries.
  • Floating Solar Projects: Diversifying into floating solar projects, leveraging water bodies for solar power generation.
  • Efficiency Improvements: Implements advanced EPC methodologies and technologies to improve project efficiency and timelines.


  • Installed Capacity: Sterling and Wilson Solar has a global installed capacity of over 9 GW, including significant contributions to India’s solar energy capacity.
  • Employment Generation: The company’s projects create employment opportunities across various skill levels, contributing to economic growth.
  • Technology Transfer: Collaborates with global partners to bring cutting-edge solar technologies to India, fostering technological advancement in the sector.

6. Mahindra Susten

FounderMahindra Group
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
WebsiteMahindra Susten
Core BusinessEPC services, rooftop solar solutions, hybrid energy projects
Installed CapacityOver 1.5 GW
Notable Projects250 MW Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project, 50 MW Punjab Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesSmart energy management systems, hybrid renewable solutions

Mahindra Susten – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Mahindra Susten, a part of the Mahindra Group, offers a comprehensive range of solar solutions including EPC services, operations and maintenance, and rooftop solar installations.


Mahindra Susten stands out for its innovative approach:

  • Hybrid Energy Solutions: Integrates solar with other renewable energy sources like wind and storage systems to create hybrid energy solutions.
  • Smart Energy Management: Develops smart energy management systems for efficient energy utilization and cost optimization.
  • Innovative Financing Models: Introduces innovative financing options to make solar energy accessible to a wider range of customers.


  • Installed Capacity: Mahindra Susten has installed over 1.5 GW of solar power capacity, contributing to India’s renewable energy targets.
  • Community Engagement: Implements CSR initiatives focusing on education, healthcare, and skill development in communities near its projects.
  • Sustainability Practices: Promotes sustainable practices in solar project development, ensuring minimal environmental impact and maximum resource efficiency.

7. NTPC Limited (National Thermal Power Corporation)

FounderGovernment of India
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Core BusinessPower generation, including thermal, solar, and wind
Installed CapacityOver 2 GW in solar
Notable Projects250 MW Anantapur Solar Project, 250 MW Mandsaur Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesLarge-scale solar projects, energy storage solutions

NTPC Limited (National Thermal Power Corporation) – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


NTPC, originally focused on thermal power generation, has diversified into renewable energy, including a significant presence in solar power.


NTPC is driving innovation in renewable energy:

  • Large-scale Solar Projects: Develops and operates large-scale solar power projects across various states in India.
  • Grid Integration: Implements advanced grid integration technologies to ensure stable and reliable solar power generation.
  • Energy Storage: Invests in energy storage solutions to enhance renewable energy penetration and grid stability.


  • Installed Capacity: NTPC has over 2 GW of installed solar power capacity, contributing to India’s renewable energy goals.
  • Diversification: Diversifying its energy portfolio with renewable energy reduces dependency on fossil fuels and enhances energy security.
  • Technological Leadership: NTPC’s R&D initiatives focus on developing indigenous solar technologies, fostering technological leadership in the sector.

8. Waaree Energies Ltd

FounderHitesh Doshi
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
WebsiteWaaree Energies
Core BusinessSolar PV module manufacturing, EPC services, solar solutions for various sectors
Installed CapacityManufacturing capacity of 5 GW
Notable Projects50 MW Gujarat Solar Project, 60 MW Maharashtra Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesHigh-efficiency solar modules, comprehensive solar solutions

Waaree Energies Ltd – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Waaree Energies is one of India’s largest solar PV module manufacturers and a leading EPC solutions provider in the solar energy sector.


Waaree Energies is known for its innovative solutions:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 5 GW for solar PV modules.
  • Customized Solutions: Provides customized solar solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Quality Assurance: Implements stringent quality control measures to ensure high-performance and durable solar products.


  • Installed Capacity: Waaree Energies has contributed significantly to India’s solar energy capacity with its extensive portfolio of projects.
  • Job Creation: The company’s manufacturing and project development activities create employment opportunities, supporting local economies.
  • Technological Advancements: Continuously invests in R&D to enhance solar efficiency, reliability, and affordability, driving technological advancements in the sector.

9. Vikram Solar

FounderGyanesh Chaudhary
HeadquartersKolkata, West Bengal, India
WebsiteVikram Solar
Core BusinessSolar module manufacturing, EPC solutions, rooftop solar projects
Installed CapacityManufacturing capacity of 2.5 GW
Notable Projects130 MW Rajasthan Solar Project, 80 MW Gujarat Solar Project
Innovative TechnologiesHigh-efficiency solar PV modules, technological partnerships

Waaree Energies Ltd – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Vikram Solar is a globally recognized solar module manufacturer and EPC solutions provider, contributing to India’s solar energy growth.


Vikram Solar is at the forefront of solar technology:

  • High-Efficiency Modules: Manufactures high-efficiency solar PV modules using advanced manufacturing techniques and materials.
  • Rooftop Solutions: Provides innovative rooftop solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers, promoting decentralized solar power generation.
  • Technological Partnerships: Collaborates with global technology leaders to integrate cutting-edge solar technologies into its projects.


  • Installed Capacity: Vikram Solar has installed a significant capacity of solar projects across India, enhancing the country’s renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Export Market: Contributes to India’s export earnings through the sale of high-quality solar modules to global markets.
  • Skill Development: Invests in skill development programs to train and empower local talent in the solar energy sector, fostering employment and expertise.

10. Loom Solar

FounderAmod Anand and Amol Anand
HeadquartersFaridabad, Haryana, India
WebsiteLoom Solar
Core BusinessSolar panels, lithium batteries, solar kits for residential and commercial use
Installed CapacityRapidly expanding, detailed capacity not publicly available
Notable ProjectsVarious rooftop and residential solar installations
Innovative TechnologiesDirect-to-consumer model, advanced solar panels, battery storage solutions

Loom Solar – Top 10 Solar Companies in India


Loom Solar is a fast-growing solar energy company in India, known for its innovative solar products and solutions.


Loom Solar is disrupting the solar industry with its innovative offerings:

  • Advanced Solar Panels: Specializes in high-efficiency solar panels and solar kits for residential and commercial applications.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Model: Pioneered a direct-to-consumer approach for selling solar products online, making it easier for consumers to adopt solar energy.
  • Tech-Driven Solutions: Implements digital tools and platforms for customer engagement, product customization, and remote monitoring of solar installations.


  • Market Disruption: Loom Solar’s innovative business model and product offerings have disrupted the traditional solar industry landscape, driving competition and lowering costs.
  • Consumer Empowerment: By offering high-quality, affordable solar products directly to consumers, Loom Solar empowers individuals and businesses to become energy self-sufficient.
  • Environmental Contribution: Promotes clean energy adoption, reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact associated with traditional energy sources.

FAQs about Top 10 Solar Companies in India

1. What are the top solar companies in India?

  • The top 10 solar companies in India are Tata Power Solar Systems Ltd, Adani Solar, ReNew Power, Azure Power, Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd, Mahindra Susten, NTPC Limited, Waaree Energies Ltd, Vikram Solar, and Loom Solar.

2. How are these companies contributing to India’s solar energy sector?

  • These companies are contributing by developing and operating large-scale solar projects, manufacturing high-efficiency solar PV modules, providing EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services, and promoting rooftop solar installations. They play a crucial role in increasing India’s renewable energy capacity and reducing carbon emissions.

3. What are some notable innovations by these solar companies?

  • Innovations include the development of high-efficiency solar cells and modules, implementation of advanced grid integration technologies, introduction of hybrid renewable energy projects, and adoption of digital monitoring systems for optimized performance. Companies like Waaree Energies and Vikram Solar are also known for their advancements in solar technology.

4. How do these companies impact the environment and economy?

  • These companies contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions through solar power generation. They also create employment opportunities across various skill levels, support local economies through project development, and invest in community development programs.

5. What are some of the largest solar projects undertaken by these companies?

  • Examples include Adani Solar’s 2 GW Pavagada Solar Park, Sterling and Wilson Solar’s 1,177 MW Abu Dhabi Solar Project, and Tata Power Solar’s 250 MW Ayodhya Solar Project. These projects demonstrate their capabilities in executing large-scale solar installations both in India and globally.

6. How can individuals and businesses benefit from these solar companies?

  • Individuals and businesses can benefit by installing rooftop solar solutions to reduce electricity bills, contribute to environmental conservation, and potentially earn revenue through net metering schemes. Companies like Loom Solar specialize in providing direct-to-consumer solar products, making adoption easier and more accessible.

7. What is the future outlook for these solar companies?

  • The future looks promising with continued growth in solar energy adoption driven by government policies, technological advancements, and increasing environmental awareness. These companies are expected to expand their capacities, innovate further in solar technology, and play a significant role in India’s transition towards a sustainable energy future.

8. How can these companies help in achieving India’s renewable energy targets?

  • By investing in large-scale solar projects, promoting decentralized solar installations, and enhancing operational efficiencies, these companies contribute towards India’s goal of achieving 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2022 and beyond. Their contributions are crucial in meeting national energy security and sustainability objectives.

9. What role do these companies play in technological innovation in the solar sector?

  • These companies drive technological innovation through research and development initiatives, partnerships with global technology leaders, and continuous improvement in solar PV efficiency and reliability. They are at the forefront of adopting and integrating advanced technologies to improve energy production and grid stability.

10. How can investors and stakeholders engage with these solar companies?

  • Investors and stakeholders can engage through equity investments, project financing, strategic partnerships, and collaborations in technological development. Many of these companies also participate in industry conferences, exhibitions, and forums, providing opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange.


India’s solar energy sector is flourishing, driven by these innovative and impactful companies. Each company not only contributes significantly to the country’s renewable energy capacity but also plays a crucial role in driving technological advancements, promoting sustainability, and fostering economic development. As India continues its journey towards achieving its ambitious renewable energy targets, these top 10 solar companies will remain pivotal in shaping the future of energy in the country and beyond. Their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility underscores their leadership in the global renewable energy transition.

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