Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India

Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India


OverviewNext-generation RO water purifiers retaining essential minerals.
TechnologyAdvanced RO technology ensuring mineral retention.
ImpactProvides healthier drinking water with necessary nutrients.
LocationNew Delhi

WaterO-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Top 10 Water Tech Startups in India,WaterO is a next-generation RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier company that uses advanced technology to purify water while retaining essential minerals.

Technology: The company’s unique RO technology ensures that water is purified without stripping it of essential minerals, which is a common issue with traditional RO systems.

Impact: This innovation helps provide healthier drinking water to consumers by maintaining necessary nutrients​

This company offers next-generation RO water purifiers that retain essential minerals in the purification process.

2.Arvind Envisol Limited:

OverviewSpecializes in wastewater treatment and management solutions.
ServicesDesign, engineering, installation, and maintenance.
ImpactEnhances environmental conservation and water reuse.
WebsiteArvind Envisol

Arvind Enisol-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Arvind Envisol Limited specializes in manufacturing wastewater treatment plants and providing comprehensive solutions for wastewater management.

Services: They offer end-to-end services including design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.

Impact: By addressing industrial and municipal wastewater needs, they contribute to environmental conservation and water reuse efforts​

Specializing in wastewater treatment, they provide comprehensive solutions from design to maintenance.

3.Piramal Sarvajal:

OverviewSocial enterprise providing affordable, safe drinking water.
ModelUses water ATMs and franchised purification plants.
ImpactImproves access to clean drinking water in underserved areas.
WebsitePiramal Sarvajal

Piramal sarvajal-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Piramal Sarvajal is a social enterprise focused on making safe drinking water accessible at affordable prices.

Model: They use a combination of technology and innovative business models to deliver purified water through water ATMs and franchised purification plants.

Impact: Their efforts have made a significant difference in underserved communities, providing clean drinking water and improving public health​

Aims to make safe drinking water accessible through a unique business model combining technology and social impact.

4.WEGoT Utility Solutions:

OverviewProvides IoT-based water management systems.
TechnologySmart water meters for real-time monitoring and leak detection.
ImpactReduces water wastage by more than 50%.

Wegot-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Founded in 2015, WEGoT Utility Solutions provides integrated water management systems that use IoT technology to monitor and manage water usage.

Technology: Their smart water meters detect leaks, spills, and abnormal usage, providing real-time data to various stakeholders.

Impact: WEGoT’s solutions help reduce water wastage by more than 50%, addressing critical water shortages and improving resource management​

This startup provides IoT-based water management systems to detect leaks and monitor consumption in real time.


OverviewDevelops solar-powered water purification technologies.
TechnologyUses ultra-filtration and RO for water purification.
ImpactReduces environmental impact of bottled water.

Swajal-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Swajal, based in Gurgaon, develops sustainable water purification technologies powered by solar energy.

Technology: Their systems use ultra-filtration and RO technology to purify water sourced from lakes, rivers, and wells.

Impact: Swajal’s innovative approach reduces the environmental impact of bottled water and provides clean drinking water in a sustainable manner​

Focuses on sustainable water solutions using solar-powered purification systems for communities.

6.Uravu Labs:

OverviewCreates drinking water from atmospheric moisture.
TechnologyUses hygroscopic materials and solar thermal energy.
ImpactProvides renewable, scalable water solutions.
WebsiteUravu Labs

Uravu-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Uravu Labs is a Bengaluru-based startup that creates drinking water from atmospheric moisture using renewable energy.

Technology: They employ a hygroscopic material to capture water vapor from the air and use solar thermal energy for the conversion process.

Impact: Uravu’s technology offers a scalable, renewable solution to water scarcity, particularly in arid regions​

Uses renewable energy to extract drinking water from atmospheric moisture, providing a sustainable water source.

7.Maithri Aquatech:

OverviewProduces potable water from air using atmospheric water generation.
TechnologyRelies on renewable energy, no groundwater or surface water needed.
ImpactProvides sustainable water solutions in water-scarce areas.
WebsiteMaithri Aquatech

Maithri-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Maithri Aquatech’s flagship product, Meghdoot, harvests water from the air through atmospheric water generation.

Technology: Meghdoot systems are capable of producing water without relying on traditional water sources, using renewable energy for operation.

Impact: This technology provides an alternative source of clean water, ideal for areas facing severe water shortages​

Their Meghdoot system generates potable water from air, relying on atmospheric water generation technology.

8.Nimble Vision:

OverviewOffers smart water measurement and conservation solutions.
TechnologyIoT-based smart water meters and controllers.
ImpactHelps in significant water conservation efforts.
WebsiteNimble Vision

Nimble vision-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Nimble Vision offers IoT-based products for smart water measurement and conservation, founded in 2017.

Technology: Their smart water level controllers and meters provide real-time data on water usage, helping users monitor and manage their water consumption efficiently.

Impact: By providing detailed usage data and leak detection, Nimble Vision aids in significant water conservation efforts​

Offers smart water meters and controllers to monitor and conserve water efficiently in residential and commercial settings.

9.Ekam Eco Solutions:

OverviewFocuses on sustainable sanitation and water conservation products.
TechnologyWaterless urinals, natural cleaners, sewage care products.
ImpactPromotes water conservation and public health.
LocationNew Delhi
WebsiteEkam Eco Solutions

Ekam Eco-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Ekam Eco Solutions, founded in 2013, focuses on sustainable sanitation and water conservation products.

Technology: They offer waterless urinals, natural cleaners, and sewage care products designed to reduce water use and improve sanitation.

Impact: Their innovations promote water conservation and address public health issues related to inadequate sanitation​

Develops sustainable sanitation systems, including waterless urinals and natural cleaners, to conserve water.

10.Toyam Safe Water Technologies:

OverviewManufactures water purification plants and RO systems.
TechnologyDevelops advanced water purification technologies.
ImpactProvides clean drinking water, improving public health.
WebsiteToyam Safe Water Technologies

Toyam Safe Water Technologies-Top 10 WaterTech Startups in India

Toyam Safe Water Technologies manufactures water purification plants, reverse osmosis systems, and water ATMs.

Technology: Their systems are designed to ensure the provision of clean and safe drinking water to communities and industries.

Impact: Toyam’s solutions contribute to better public health and access to clean water, particularly in remote and underserved areas​

Manufactures water purification plants and reverse osmosis systems to provide clean drinking water.

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