Control One AI Secures $350K Funding for AI-First Robotics Innovation


  • Control One AI, an up-and-coming player in the field of AI-driven robotics, has secured $350,000 in pre-seed funding.
  • The investment round was led by prominent figures from both India and the United States, including Kunal Shah, Chaitanya R, and Amit Singh, along with executives from companies like Tesla and Amazon.
  • Control One AI aims to revolutionize the supply chain industry by leveraging AI technology to optimize the performance of slow-moving equipment.
  • Founder Pranav S, with over 15 years of experience in robotics and AI, is spearheading the company’s mission to empower blue-collar workers and enhance operational efficiency.
  • The raised capital will be utilized to develop a fully functional prototype and conduct pilot validations, with the aim of showcasing AI in action and democratizing automation in the supply chain.

Control One AI, an emerging leader in AI-driven robotics, has just secured a significant boost in funding, signaling its rapid ascent in the tech startup landscape. With a substantial injection of $350,000 in a pre-seed funding round, the company is poised to revolutionize the supply chain industry, thanks to the backing of a diverse group of investors from both India and the United States.

Led by notable figures such as Kunal Shah, founder of CRED, Chaitanya R from Wakefit, and Amit Singh, former Managing Director of Avendus Capital, the investment consortium includes seasoned executives from esteemed companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Walmart. Their collective endorsement underscores the potential they see in Control One AI’s pioneering approach to integrating artificial intelligence with traditional supply chain equipment.

So, what exactly does Control One AI bring to the table? At its core, the startup is focused on harnessing AI technology to optimize the performance of slow-moving equipment prevalent across various stages of the supply chain. By marrying cutting-edge AI algorithms with time-tested mechanical systems, Control One AI aims to elevate operational safety and efficiency, particularly in environments deemed hazardous or challenging for human workers.

Founder Pranav S elucidates the company’s mission succinctly, stating, “Our goal is nothing short of transforming slow-moving equipment globally by imbuing them with advanced AI capabilities. We envision a future where these enhanced vehicles not only match but exceed human levels of intelligence, empowering blue-collar workers to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, safety, and job satisfaction.”

Pranav’s extensive background in robotics, AI, and IoT, spanning over 15 years, lends credibility to Control One AI’s ambitious objectives. Having spearheaded the deployment of over 60 robotic systems for a diverse clientele, including industry stalwarts like Tata and Qualcomm, Pranav brings a wealth of experience to the table.

With the freshly secured funds, Control One AI is poised to take its vision from concept to reality. The company plans to channel the capital towards the development of a fully functional prototype and subsequent pilot validations. Notably, the unveiling of the prototype promises to showcase AI in action, heralding a paradigm shift in the supply chain landscape.

By democratizing automation and introducing AI-driven enhancements to existing infrastructure, Control One AI aims to make a profound impact on the global supply chain industry. With the sector’s market value in the US alone estimated at a staggering $531 billion by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the timing couldn’t be more opportune for Control One AI to address this pressing global challenge.

As the company embarks on its journey to redefine the future of supply chain operations, all eyes are on Control One AI to deliver on its promise of innovation, efficiency, and empowerment in the realm of AI-driven robotics.

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