Unveiling the Global Startup Summit 2024 – Bengaluru Edition 6: A Gateway to Entrepreneurial Success

Unveiling the Global Startup Summit 2024 - Bengaluru Edition 6: A Gateway to Entrepreneurial Success

India, March 24’: Unveiling the Global Startup Summit 2024 – Bengaluru Edition 6: A Gateway to Entrepreneurial Success Bengaluru is poised to host the much-anticipated Global Startup Summit 2024 – Bengaluru Edition 6, set to take place on March 30, 2024, at the prestigious Hotel Royal Orchid. The summit promises an immersive experience tailored for budding entrepreneurs and startup pioneers, offering abundant avenues for direct interaction with potential clients and venture capitalists. Attendees can capitalize on the opportunity to secure crucial seed and series A funding, complemented by an array of sponsored incentives. This event stands as a pivotal moment to ignite early-year enthusiasm and forge connections with leading startup visionaries nationwide.

Elevating Startup Dreams: Showcasing Innovation and Collaboration

The summit showcases an array of innovative ventures, spotlighting the pioneering spirit driving India’s startup ecosystem forward:

EleFant.ai: Unveiling India’s maiden mobile application-based toy library, EleFant.ai pioneers a novel approach to childhood education and entertainment.

SHK Global Ventures: A trailblazer in content-driven consultancy and investment advisory services, SHK Global Ventures empowers startups through strategic guidance and transactional expertise.

Bright Accounts: Embark on a transformative journey with Bright Accounts, offering comprehensive support from initial business establishment to IPO triumph, propelling startups towards unparalleled growth and prosperity.

Gamezon.store: Curating a vibrant collection of board games tailored for all ages and interests, Gamezon.store fosters fun-filled experiences and family bonding.

Qi Media: As a dynamic public relations and media publication firm, Qi Media delivers innovative communication solutions tailored to businesses and organizations, leaving a lasting impact in the digital landscape.

Mojo Startup: Offering bespoke fundraising and investment services tailored for Indian startups, Mojo Startup is committed to realizing unique business visions and goals.

3x Events: Internationally acclaimed for its expertise in event planning, corporate videos, and premium branding services, 3x Events ensures seamless execution and memorable experiences.

Global Startups Club: Serving as an exclusive community and networking hub for startup professionals, founders, and influential leaders, the Global Startups Club fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange.

A Distinguished Lineup of Speakers and Investors

The summit is honored to welcome an esteemed roster of speakers and investors, each bringing invaluable expertise and insights to the table. Notable figures include Vittal Ramakrishna (POD), Vinod Keni (Peachtree Capital Ventures), Pankaj Gupta (EthAum Ventures), Lalit Singla (SteerX Innovations), Somshubhro (Som) Pal Chaudhury (Bharat Innovation Fund), Ashwin Raguraman (Bharat Innovation Fund), Subhashish Bhadra (Klub), Sudharsan Venkatakrishnan (Klub), Aravin G Namadev (ah! Ventures), Piyush Peshwani (OnGrid), Atish Shelar (Tech Fini), Devashish Fuloria (GEO IQ), Sanjay Shah (Wadhwani Foundation), Babji VS (The Gain),  Ankit Aggarwal (Unstop), Jugul Thachery (Hogr), Pratik Kapasi (HeyCoach), Shubhashish Bhadra (Klub), Sudharsan VenkataKrishnan (Klub), Ashish Sanganeria (TRANSEARCH), Sriharsha Nallamilli (Wadhwani Foundation), Esha Tiwary (Furrl). Our moderators include Mohit Sureka (Global Startups Club), Pavithra P (Accrescent Managed Services), Rohit Chakraborty (Advoke Law LLP), Ajita Dash (Advoke Law LLP), Vishnu Chaitanya (Neutrodev), Divya Chandrasekaran (iPact Legal), Ritesh Chandra (Vidhikrit Legal). and many more luminaries from the startup ecosystem.

Charting the Course for Entrepreneurial Success

As anticipation builds for this landmark event, stakeholders are urged to mark their calendars and secure their attendance at the Global Startup Summit 2024 – Bengaluru Edition 6. Join us for a day of innovation, collaboration, and inspiration as we collectively shape the future of entrepreneurship and startups.

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